What we do:

We aim to help you make the most of what you have, whether it is saving for the future or making the best use of existing capital.  Our objective is to offer you choices, in plain English, that help you towards the best decision for you.


The basic principles of financial planning are not complex; they have just been turned into a multi-billion pound industry by (mainly) men who were told the fairytale about the Emperor’s New Clothes at an impressionable age.


Guiding Principles


1 Managing money and insuring risks does cost money, so you will have to pay charges for advice and specific products; check that they are good value not just cheap – like most things in life you get what you pay for!


2 You cannot make the same money do two things at once – it will either be invested or it will buy protection – life assurance, permanent health insurance, etc..  Keeping these two objectives separate is usually best.  Products that claim to do both are actually splitting the money into different shares for each purpose.  Such products are only useful (and good value) in certain specific cases and you should be clear what you are paying for and are likely to achieve.


3 There are only three underlying places to put your money

-into land and property that will pay you rent and (should) give you capital growth

-into stocks and shares that (should) give you capital growth and / or dividends

-lend it to banks, building societies (deposit accounts), governments (gilts) or companies (corporate bonds) and they will pay you interest



(Buying gold, diamonds, antiques or fine art is best done for pleasure by most people.)