How do we do it?

First we have to ask you lots of questions about your current circumstances and what you are trying to achieve, also how much risk you are prepared to take with your money and whether you are interested in investing ethically.


When you contact us, we will discuss the most convenient way to do this.  (Mainly depending on where you live.)


(Our Terms of Business (link) explain how we are regulated and how we get paid, etc..  Hopefully they contain the only jargon on this site.)


Based on the information that you provide, we will recommend a plan of action that will include some of the financial products that are explained in our Factsheets.  (link)


- If you only want to provide information about one specific area of your finances, the recommendations will be limited to that area; although I may point out other products that you should have to meet obvious needs.  For example, if you have financial dependents you should have adequate life assurance.

- If your objectives are unrealistic we will tell you!  For example, if you want an income of £15,000 a year from capital of £200,000 with no risk to the capital.


Our recommendations are just that – clients can implement them all or only some of them or all of them in stages.  It is your decision.